Homura print! This took super long but I’m really happy with how it came out. ;u; Haven’t felt this good about a drawing in a long time.

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Gonna livestream in about 30 minutes or so! gonna work on a Homura print, starting from the lineart process and onwards~ Come join me if you’d like


Art Trade with Jen! (I hope you like it, you lovely lovely person <3) Still trying out new things but I think I’m going in the right direction!

Short livestream


Just gonna be cleaning up on coloring! Even so it may last an hour or so, so stop by if you’d like!


Thank you to everyone who stopped by <3

Commission for Mimellia of her ffxiv character! I did some experimentation with my style, I hope you don’t mind! Thanks for the commission~


Art Trade with nuryfury!!!

Drawin’ her cute ass mabi chara, Alkalineeee! /)u(\ I hope you like it, senpai !!!!

wUH IT’S BEAUTIFUL THANK YOU ;3; <3<3 I’ll have my half ready soon ;u;!

So I just got summoned for jury duty. Soooo excited to play my part in the community!!


Bust Commissions!

Opening 3 Bust commission slots, if anyone is interested. 

15$ each! Example


[First and last letter of your url. Will be completed in this order!]

1)Taken AS

2)Taken MA


If you’re interested, shoot me a message or email me at nuryfury@hotmail.com

Even if slots don’t get filled, it will be closed in about a week or so. Thanks! ;u;

Trade with Lenari for a wig. ;u; Thanks a bunch!

My boyfriend made me watch madoka magica and I fell in love with it. Hoping to have this available as a print sometime soon.. o/


These are some old drawings I made for friends. I made a lot of overseas friends on Twitter, from Korea and Japan and have been practicing Korean and learning Japanese. This is probably a big part of why I haven’t had as much time to myself (to do comics cough). I also got another part time job, but yeah ahah. The important thing is, I’m happy and still drawing!! Yay!!!!

I’ve been trying to work on this but I keep going on trips so my drawing time is super minimal. So here’s a WIP before I leave for about 5 days /o/. I’m hoping to have this as a print when I’m done! (hopefully!!..Maybe??)


Rocket Raccoon #2 - “A Chasing Tale II”

written by Skottie Young
art by Skottie Young 

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Back from Otakon!

So last night I finally got back from Otakon. It was my first time attending this convention and also my first time ever staffing a con!

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My otakon staff shirt. B) work starts now!